The optimum temperature for storage of Caviar is between 3- to 0-degree centigrade. Caviar can be kept for about one year when it is packed in tins of 1 or 1.8 kg capacity, while its shelf life is reduced to only four months when it is repacked in small jars or tins like 30, 50,100,200 gram capacity in vacuumed condition. We must take into consideration that when the cap of the tins or glass jars are opened for eating a part of its content, the rest cannot be preserved for more than a few days as the air enters the container and deteriorate the Caviar.

If the Caviar is supposed to be kept at home for some time, it must be stored in the house refrigerator. Putting Caviar in the freezer must be avoided as it ruins the texture and firmness of the eggs.
Caviar can easily be transported in cool boxes along with any ice packs without any risk of quality change. ” SCT Caviar ” has made the necessary provisions for those who decide to carry Iranian Caviar as the precious souvenir of Iran to the other parts of the world and provide them with especial cool boxes, carrying bags and ice packs which preserve the quality of Caviar during long journeys.


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